Aadhya's 6 month sitter session in Mechanicsburg, pa by; Tisha Landrum

Aadhya’s 6 Month Sitter Session

For Aadhya’s 6 Month Sitter Session we started photographing at a local church in Mechanicsburg, PA under these beautiful Crab apple trees with these amazing pink blooms.

Even though I love photographing newborns, the six month sitter milestone session is becoming a favorite of mine to photograph. It is amazing how much your little one grows, develops, and changes in those first six months of life and the half birthday is the perfect time to update your images of your bundle of joy. At six months old, babies have vibrant personalities that are evident; they can sit unassisted, clap, laugh and smile. It is such a pleasure to be able to document al of those precious moments for my clients. I always have so much fun during these photo sessions.

THOSE SOFT AND SQUISHY BABY ROLLS GAHH! As you can see, Aadhya has soft baby skin and squishy. Her baby rolls are absolutely adorable from every angle. She was a doll to work with and made my job as photographer so easy! It was fun to play with her, to pose her on her, crawling up and sitting, and to make these photos. Child photography gives parents a look back at the personality traits that begin to show up at an early age. Aadhya’s playful glance over her shoulder at the camera shows her curious personality and her friendliness. I just loved the way Aadhya smiled and looked at me during her 6 month session, posing like a pro in this wooden bowl. She entertained us with those giggles and coos. Her little pink romper and matching bonnet is a homemade set. Sitter Sessions are portrait sessions that take place around the six month mark. These sessions are some of my personal favorites to shoot because this age is so full of personality and smiles!

It is important for sitter sessions that your baby is able to sit well unsupported, so we will plan together to ensure that the date of your shoot aligns with the meeting of this milestone in their development. Sitter sessions take place in the studio with a collection of carefully curated couture and handmade portrait rompers, outfits, bonnets, accessories and props included. All you need to do is book and enjoy! Click here to contact me now!



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