Anistyn’s Newborn Photography Session

Anistyn’s Newborn Photography Session was done in two parts.  As a baby & newborn photographer in Camp Hill, PA I tend to do all my newborn sessions in the studio.  When photographing siblings however, I always come to my client’s homes.

I went to Jenny & Mike’s house a few days after Anistyn was born so that I could photograph her with her big brother Oliver.  Sibling add-on sessions are a great way to include your other little ones into the mix without bringing them to the studio.  To ensure the safety of your newborn, newborn baby studio sessions are reserved for baby & parents only.

When I arrive at your home I will ask you to feed and change baby’s diaper.  I will wrap baby in snug little ball so they feel like they are in the womb again.  If there is only one sibling, like at Anistyn’s Newborn Photography Session I will usually start with photographing both on a light colored blanket.  Next I will have the two (or more) sitting in an arm chair or in your bed.  This makes for a comfy & cozy setting so that everyone is safe & we can capture the siblings together.  Anistyn's-Newborn-Photography-Session-With-her-brotherAnistyn's-Newborn-Photography-Session-With-her-brotherAnistyn's-Newborn-Photography-Session-With-SiblingAnistyn's-Newborn-Photography-Session-With-her-brother

Everyone has their own style and color scheme & I love preparing for your little one to arrive.  At the initial consultation we will go over your ideas and theme for your baby & how you would like your newborn photography session to go.  I will also go over those ideas with you after baby arrives just to make sure I am getting exactly what you want.  I have a pretty extensive array of props, wraps, bonnets & headbands to choose from.  I try to keep things pretty neutral with pops of pale pinks, blues, purple & greens.  If you have something specific in mind for a color theme or if you want to incorporate personal items into your newborn photography session I can absolutely accommodate your desires.  Newborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wraps-and-layers-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wraps-and-layers-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wood-bucket-prop-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wood-bucket-prop-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wood-bucket-prop-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wooden-bed-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wooden-bed-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wooden-bed-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-wooden-bed-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-bean-bag-poser-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-bean-bag-poser-done-in-the-camp-hill-photography-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-props-done-in-the-camp-hill-studio

For Parent Poses I ask that you wear plain black t-shrits or tanks.  For some Dad’s though I may ask that you to do some poses with your shirt off. I did ask Anistyn’s Dad to do some poses without a shirt for Anistyn’s Newborn Photography Session.  I think there’s just something so beautiful about skin to skin contact with your newborn baby. Newborn-photography-with-parents-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-photography-with-parents-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-dad-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-photography-with-parents-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-photography-with-mom-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-Baby-Girl-photography-with-dad-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-photography-with-mom-done-in-the-camp-hill-studioNewborn-photography-with-parents-done-in-the-camp-hill-studio

Newborn Photography Sessions

Tisha Landrum is a baby & newborn photographer in Camp Hill, PA.  Tisha’s newborn photography sessions last 3-6 hours depending on the baby.  She likes to work on their schedule. Tisha prefers the baby to be no older than 14 days in order to capture those sleepy poses. However, if that is not possible she can absolutely do it a little later. These newborn sessions are done at Tisha’s home studio in Camp Hill, PA with mom & dad. To secure the safety & security of your new little baby and to maximize on the small window of time we have during your session only mom & dad should be present.

For those of you wanting to include siblings or other relatives for the newborn sessions the sibling add on package is available for an extra charge.  I have a wide array of props, hats, headbands etc., for you to choose from.  If you’d like to discuss other ideas we can chat at the time of your consultation. We will also discuss the feel and color scheme you want for your babies first photos in order to customize them to fit your home.

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