AnnaMarie & Kevin’s Engagement Portraits

AnnaMarie & Kevin’s Engagement Portraits were taken at Fort Hunter in Harrisburg, PA.  I met with AnnaMarie & Kevin last fall to book their wedding and at the time AnnaMarie was expecting a baby boy!  I was so excited they chose me to be the one to preserve these precious memories of their wedding and engagement photography for them.

When we met at Fort Hunter it was one of those super hot summer days in July where the heat index was about 110 degrees…. man it was a scorcher.  But despite the heat an humidity we managed to get some really beautiful images that I think this new little family will cherish for many years.  I’m really excited to work with them at their wedding in the fall especially for the cooler weather but also because they are super sweet and their little boy is just adorable!  Enjoy AnnaMarie & Kevin’s Engagement Portraits and stay tuned for their wedding in October!  AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Family-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Family-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Family-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Engagement-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Engagement-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-engagement-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Family-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1AnnaMarie-&-Kevin's-Engagement-portraits-at-fort-hunter-by-tisha-landrum-1

Lets talk a little about why I do what I do… I know not everyone values photography in the same ways i do especially with all those smart phones out there.  Part of my value as a professional is my editing abilities. Yes, I know how to use Photoshop and utilize it for my clients’ final artwork, but I am talking about culling the best images to present to my clients. I would be doing them a disservice if I handed them a pile of images and told them to figure it out. A professional should use their years of experience to narrow down a reasonable number of images for their clients to make selections. Again, this is where I use my trained “eye” as part of my services to my clients.  Editing takes a lot of time and expertise, which is part of what I believe my clients deserve.

Another part of my value is the high quality equipment & the 20+ years in experience I have with using it.  Plus all the constant education and training it takes in owning your own business and “keeping up with the Jones’s”  so to speak.

One of the most important reasons to hire me though, in my opinion, is because I offer top of the line high quality archival products for you to purchase.  Now, what that means is that you will have these prints, albums, canvases, & keepsakes for 100+ years and they will look just the same in 100 years that they do when you buy them.  Why is that so important?  Well, to me that is important because I want to be able to have my photographs of my son and family to show my grand children one day.  The real truth is that there is absolutely nothing at the consumer level that is made with archival high quality inks and papers.. consumer level products are not meant to last.  They just aren’t!  They also don’t have the look, touch, and feel of something professionally done or quality at all!  If you are in the market for a professional photographer that takes pride in her work and wants to give you the best there is available in customer service and in printed products then I’m your gal.  Click here to contact me today about booking a session.

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