Beautiful Maternity Photography of Elise & Bobby in Mechanicsburg Pa by Tisha Landrum

Beautiful Maternity Photography

Seriously guys isn’t this the most beautiful maternity photography of Elise & Bobby!!  WOW!   I mean I couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic couple.  I just love the way Bobby looks at Elise as if she’s the most beautiful glowing mom to be in the world.  She so is!!  Right!  These two are just too cute.  I love it.

If you are pregnant and want to invest in Beautiful Maternity Photography for your walls that will last your lifetime and your child’s then look no further! As a Camp Hill, PA and Harrisburg, PA family photographer, one of the most heartbreaking things to hear a parent say when they contact me for a photo session is “I’m not photo ready right now, or a mom to be not feeling up to doing maternity photos.  “Let’s just do a kids session this year.” or “I think we just want to do the newborn shoot” ……..BELIEVE ME I hear you and I really do get it!!  I feel the same way myself! But I think what people are missing is the big picture…

You’ve probably seen the meme with the old photo that says “If you think pictures aren’t important, wait until that’s all you have left.” What are you leaving your children? TONS of photos of them as they grow on your iPhones and androids. Probably many more than we ever had as kids. Lots of phone videos of their various school plays, and some silly snap chat photos with your faces swapped. But are you leaving them with tangible memories of YOU? Will they have actual printed and framed photos that they can cherish long after you are no longer with them?

One of my favorite things to capture in a family photography session is the way a parent looks at their child and in a maternity session the interaction between two new expecting parents that can just take your breath away. The unfiltered joy and pride that a parent has for their child is something special. YOU know that you feel this way, and you probably look at your child or partner 20 times a day with such expressions. But THEY don’t see it. As a grown adult, how special are family photos with your parents in them? Especially photos where you get to see your parents looking at you with such joy. Think about that the next time you tell yourself you aren’t photo ready right now. When will you be? Are you going to get these years back?

If you are ready to preserve some special memories of you and your family click here and contact me TODAY!

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