Family Maternity Photography

Family Maternity Photography Sessions take place around your home.  Family Maternity Photo Sessions with your littles can be very fun, intimate & comfortable.  Family Maternity Photography aims to capture a day in the life, rather than have it all about your baby bump!


“Love these so much!! You rock!”  Jillian Mylet

Jillian-&-Family-Lifestyle-Sunset-Photo-Session-In-Mechanicsburg-PABelly Bumps

Belly shots are some of my favorites for a lot of reasons. They have definitely gotten a bad rap over the years and we’ve all seen the ‘what not to do’ images on those funny websites, but really they can be so beautiful. Being pregnant is a time of anticipation, change and excitement…all of which should be documented!

Getting to Know You

Family Maternity Photography Sessions are a wonderful way to get to know new parents before you work with their precious newborn. Family maternity sessions with other children (especially toddlers) are a whole other ball game… but these sessions can be fun and exciting too!


When should maternity sessions take place? We want to ‘see the bump’ so this might depend on whether or not it’s a first pregnancy. I typically recommend the middle of the last trimester and hopefully around 35 weeks. Once you reach that point, things start to get uncomfortable – getting up and down is tough work and it’s hard to feel ‘pretty’. If you’ve been pregnant in the past, try to think back and remember. If you do the session too early in the pregnancy you might not be able to tell there is a bump.  I am usually in constant communication with my new moms all during your last trimester.  I like to check in with you frequently to see how you are feeling & give emotional support since I’ve been in your shoes myself!

If you’re expecting a baby or already a parent and looking for a newborn, maternity, or family photographer, I would love to work with you to create images that you will love for a lifetime.  Schedule a consultation to hear about my philosophy and see how I work in the studio & outdoors so you can determine if I’m the right fit for you. I can’t wait to meet you!

Contact me today to come in and plan your Maternity Photography Session!

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