Lyric & Michael's Texas Wedding Portrait Photography

Lyric & Michael’s Texas Wedding

Lyric & Michael’s Texas Wedding was amazing!  I love weddings, the excitement and joy that fills the day. I love the dress, the flowers, the details. There are SO many options for weddings theses days. Nothing is a off limits and each bride and groom can make their day as unique or traditional as they choose.  Texas weddings are on my list of faves though!

Narrow Down Photographers

Once you’ve narrowed down photographers whose work you like, and whose philosophy you seem to gel with, set up an in-person meeting (or a Skype session, if that’s what works). Then, figure out if you LIKE them. If you don’t, please don’t hire them. You spend enough time with your photographer on your wedding day that you should find them generally pleasant at minimum, possible-BFF-forever at maximum. (Only you know how much you care about love-loving them, but make sure you like them.)


Before we get too far into this idea of, “Just hire someone whose work makes you feel happy inside,” let’s have a quick reality check. The easiest wedding to shoot is a wedding in the daytime, with a ceremony under shade and great natural light. If that applies to you, ignore the rest of this paragraph. If, however, you’re getting married in a dark church or you’re having an outdoor evening wedding reception, it’s really important that you specifically look for a photographer that’s skilled with those lighting environments.

Don’t assume that experience equals skill in low lighting. Look for weddings shot in similar lighting environments in your photographer’s portfolio. Ask them specifically how they would handle your particular situation. Some photographers use external lights for dark receptions. Others may rely on their camera’s ability to see well in the dark. If you notice that after it gets dark, all wedding photos in the portfolio are processed in black and white, that’s a hint that the photographer may not be super comfortable in darker situations. Please note: Your wedding in a Gothic cathedral is not going to look like a wedding in a sunlit field, no matter who you hire, so don’t expect magic tricks.

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