Mike & Jenny’s Maternity Session At Sunset

Mike & Jenny’s Maternity Session At Sunset was photographed at the sunflower fields at Walden Way in Mechanicsburg, PA.  Newborn & Maternity sessions have always had a special place in my work. I have a little boy named Ethan.  Carrying my precious baby around for 9 months was a very special time in my life. That experience is something I will forever cherish. The love and that connection I had with my baby boy  in my growing belly is something I love to capture for my clients.

One of my favorite things to capture in a maternity session is the interaction between two expecting parents. The unfiltered joy and pride that a parent has for their unborn child is something truly special.  Added bonus for Mike & Jenny’s Session at sunset was little Oliver, Mike & Jenny’s first born.  He was so adorable & had fun monkeying around in the Sunflowers with Mom & Dad. Mike-Jenny-&-Oliver's-Sunset-Maternity-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-Jenny-&-Oliver's-Sunset-Maternity-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-Jenny-&-Oliver's-Maternity-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny-&-Oliver-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paOliver's-Sunset-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paOliver's-Sunset-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paOliver's-Sunset-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paOliver's-Sunset-Session-in-the-sunflower-field-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paJenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-&-Jenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-&-Jenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-&-Jenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-paMike-&-Jenny's-Maternity-Session-at-sunset-in-the-sunflowers-in-mechanicsburg-pa

Maternity & Newborn Photographer

Tisha Landrum Photography is a maternity and newborn photographer located in Camp Hill, PA.  I have been photographing expectant mama’s and newborns for 10+ years. I have captured hundreds of brand new babies through my lens.  For booking information, availability or to schedule a studio tour, please email me via the contact tab.

This is one of my favorite Mechanicsburg, PA locations. It is a sunflower field off of Walden Way in Mechanicsburg, PA. It is one of the most gorgeous places in the late August early September! Walden Way Sunflower Field is one of the many hidden gems in this area & this year this location did not disappoint.   As soon as the Jenny, Oliver & Mike got to the Sunflower Field to a standing spot, the sun started to dip behind the mountain producing the most beautiful golden light.  This session is absolutely enchanting! I hope you enjoyed just few of my favorites & I can’t wait to meet their new little baby girl today for her newborn session.  I have some new ideas in store for her!

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