Parker’s Baby Photos

Parker’s baby photos turned out so much better then i could have ever imagined!  He was such a good sleeper.  His Mommy & Daddy came to see just a few months before he was born to schedule their newborn portrait session with me.  They decided on a neutral color scheme for Parker’s Baby Photos.

I carefully posed sleepy baby Parker on his tummy in the bucket while dad stood close by just as a precaution.  Safety is my number one priority when working with your precious little ones. I used one of my favorite apple buckets on my dark wood backdrop with some more textured layering fabrics. I had picked up the apple bucket at The Antique Market Place in Lemoyne, PA.

Parker's Baby Photos-5Parker's Baby Photos-6Parker's Baby Photos-4Parker's Baby Photos-1Parker's Baby Photos-3Parker's Baby Photos-2Parker's Baby Photos-25Parker's Baby Photos-27Parker's Baby Photos-26Parker's Baby Photos-37Parker's Baby Photos-36Parker's Baby Photos-33Parker's Baby Photos-32Parker's Baby Photos-31Parker's Baby Photos-34Parker's Baby Photos-35Parker's Baby Photos-29Parker's Baby Photos-30Parker's Baby Photos-22Parker's Baby Photos-21Parker's Baby Photos-17After these adorable poses and props I transitioned baby into working with his Mommy & Daddy for some more adorable baby photos.  Parker's Baby Photos-14Parker's Baby Photos-12Parker's Baby Photos-15Parker's Baby Photos-13Parker's Baby Photos-11Parker's Baby Photos-16

Newborn Portrait Sessions

Newborn Sessions last 3-6 hours depending on the baby, I like to work on their schedule. I prefer the baby to be no older than 14 days in order to capture those sleepy poses. However, if that is not possible we can absolutely do it a little later. These are done at my home studio, with mom & dad.

To secure the safety & security of your new little bundle and to maximize on the small window of time we have during your session only mom & dad should be present.  For those of you wanting to include siblings or other relatives for the newborn sessions the sibling add on package is available for an extra charge.  I have a wide array of props, hats, headbands etc., for you to choose from but if you’d like to discuss other ideas we can chat at the time of your consultation. We will also discuss the feel, and color scheme you want for your babies first photos in order to customize them to fit your home.

Thanks for stopping by! Click here to contact me about booking a newborn portrait session with me today!

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