Lifestyle kids portraits done outdoors, photography by Tisha Landrum Photography

Why hire a professional photographer?

Why hire a professional photographer? Well, there are many reasons why to hire a professional photographer.  Let me share just a few…


A professional photographer has done it before; they’ve shot a variety of events and portraits and have been exposed to many subjects and conditions. There’s no shortcut to experience, and you take a tremendous gamble with a first-timer or an inexperienced photographer not knowing what to do at various points during your event or shoot. Those in the professional photography world have a lot of experience to draw from; they know intuitively to take extra shots of crucial moments in case anyone blinks or has an awkward expression. They have experience in guiding groups of every size for the very best results, interacting fluidly with their clients to achieve the desired results. Experience and training are especially important when entrusting someone with your newborn child. It is important that when posing newborn babies the photographer be trained and that you trust them.


A professional photographer is working for you, and they are invested in your satisfaction. You are their client, not their relative or friend, and they will retain a level of professionalism your aunt or brother-in-law may not. They also have the fortitude and commitment to work for long periods without breaks and see the job through so that the best results possible are achieved.


A professional photographer will have the ideal editing software and skill and training to retouch and edit your photos, bringing out the very best in each one. The last thing you want is a Photoshop novice trying to retouch photos of your most prized and precious memories. They will also have invested in professional cameras and lenses that will give you a look of clarity and sharpness that can only be achieved with high quality equipment.

Tisha Landrum Photography is a full service, custom wedding and portrait photography business located in Camp Hill, PA. I am a professional wedding photographer and professional portrait photographer for all of Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas.

I strive to capture the raw emotion of your first kiss as a married couple, the sheer innocence and sweetness of your newborn baby, the silly dilly faces of your 3 little ones, whatever it is that you choose to have me photograph will be frozen in time so that every time you look at your professional photography your heart will remember forever what your eyes have seen. Whether it be your wedding, your child or newborn, your engagement or your high school senior. Each session is customized for you.

By the end of our journey together I want you to have something you can hold and touch and feel. I want your walls and shelves filled with gorgeous wedding or newborn baby photos that make you smile every time you walk into the room. —->You deserve all those things and I can help you get them!!!!

I am a master at turning chaos into creativity! Large family gatherings, crying babies, wild toddlers, fighting siblings, frustrated dads, exasperated moms. You have your hands full just trying to get everybody to the shoot in one clean, well-dressed piece. You shouldn’t have to worry about getting them all to look in the same direction, much less look happy while they’re doing it. That’s my job as a professional photographer! I’m also a master at helping you decide just how to preserve and display your family’s chaos, your wedding photos or your growing baby bump . In hopes these images will be passed on to your children & grandchildren one day.

Professional portraits are an investment. But they’re the only splurge you’ll keep forever. The only splurge that will get more valuable with every passing year. The only splurge that you’ll never, ever regret. Let’s make something beautiful!

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